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I had this crazy thought yesterday.

I work in a printing plant, and I was walking through the shop with machines running and folks driving forklifts around, the general buzz of business.

I found myself singing to myself –

Here I am to worship,
here I am to bow down…

And it clicked – yep – that’s what I’m here for!

Right in the middle of life – I am here to worship. [Tweet This]

Where has God placed you?

What are you there for?

You guessed it – you are there to worship!

Ben NelsonHey – see you again soon.


10 thoughts on “There.for

  1. cycleguy

    You hit on what I tell people over and over, Ben. Worship is not relegated to an hour or two on Sunday. Worship is a lifestyle. It is seen at work, at play, at rest, at home. When we grasp that truth we truly grasp the value of worship.

  2. Tom Raines

    Great point Ben! Interestingly enough I am kind of in the print world too. Bringing who we are in Christ to work has also been a source of not only comfort but the only justification for what I must be there for as of late. Trusting Him in all things. Blessings as you sing!

  3. Lisa

    "Here I am to say that your my God!!
    Your altogether lovely
    Altogether worthy
    Altogether wonderful to me" la la

    1. Ben Nelson

      Honestly that is my favorite part of the song - i often use that when leading worship, (the "your" part) and never go to the "I" part, but somehow when i was out and about the "i" part became very real.

      Thanks Lisa

  4. Felecia

    Oh Good - I thought I was the only one to break into worship without provocation.
    We are peculiar folk and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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