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God Forsaken

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Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10 NASB

I love the story of Robin Hood. Robin of Loxley is such a great hero, isn’t he? I don’t care if he is portrayed as a fox in a floppy hat, or a Technicolor Errol Flynn in green tights. I love the leader of those merry men.

Some love him because of his care for the common man, some for his disregard for corruption in high places. Others find his romantic side endearing.

For me it is his fierce loyalty to a distant king.

Though Richard the lion-heart is off in a distant land, Robin is still in the kingdom – under the reign – of Richard. Robin follows the laws and enforces the priorities of that absent king. He is a loyal subject – in subjection to – the king he can’t see. He does not take advantage of his position to exploit the king absence, the way Richard’s own brother does.

This is what Jesus demonstrated. I know the analogy breaks down. God is anything but absent or distant, though even for Jesus there were days when it felt that way. When He cried out, ‘My God, My God, why hast though forsake Me?’ God may have seemed distant.

Yet, even when Jesus, could not sense God’s Spirit (and, yes, this ‘Father forsaken’ Jesus is God, though that idea makes my brain unravel just a bit) He pressed on in obedience and determination to do the will of the Father, to bow to the reign of the One True King.

When God is silent does your allegiance slip? Is your resolve to follow the Lord strong when all you can see are faint footprints and darkness ahead? Are you willing to follow His voice as He leads you though the valley of the shadow of death?

Lord, give us (me) the courage to follow you when my heart can’t feel You. [Tweet this]

Ben NelsonSee you tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “God Forsaken

  1. Felecia

    That's the tough stuff, isn't it. But, my how my faith grows when I do trust even though it might be my very own sin that momentarily separates.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hmmm - it's funny too, because i started to write one thing and this came out instead. What i intended to write, i will post tomorrow, but i got to typing, and this is where my heart took me.

      Guess our Great Orchestra Conductor is up to something. We better keep playing.


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