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Written by cycleguy on March 31st, 2014

I opened up my browser to MSN Monday morning and the first news which greeted me was North and South Korea had taken shots at each other. History tells us it largely about POWER. North Korea wants power over South Korea.

Everyone probably knows the events which have consumed the news about Ukraine over the past couple of months. From the refusal of signing a document with the EU, international events have changed. A peaceful protest which turned ugly. Resignation. Rejoicing for a new hope and beginning. Russia overtaking Crimea with threats of more encroachment. It is about POWER.

Raising the price of gasoline to astronomical heights, not because it is best for the consumer, but because it lines pockets with more cash. POWER.  ... Read more

Cycleguy's Spin » Blog Archive Power | Cycleguy's Spin.



One of the blogs I follow - Pastor Bill Grandi - posted this today, and I thought it dovetailed very nicely with what was on my heart this morning.  I hope it blesses you today, as it did me.


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