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Two Kinds of Leaders


Again the next day John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as He walked, and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God!" The two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. - John 1:35-37 NASB

John the Baptist has a growing ministry. Every day more and more folks are streaming out of the towns and villages round about coming to hear him rant against sin and he was baptizing them in the muddy old Jordan river.

But he, rather than grasping for more power and influence, gladly hands his followers over to Jesus.

John the Baptist saw that his ministry had one purpose – he was a GIGANTIC NEON SIGN POINTING TO JESUS.

How is it with you?

Are you a GIGANTIC NEON SIGN POINTING TO JESUS, or do you have white knuckles holding on to what following you have.

In this day of creating a following – building a platform – gaining cyber friends and followers, we can get obsessed with numbers and stats, and forget that our job is simply to point people to Jesus. If they leave us to follow Him, we have been successful.

If we have preached Christ and Him crucified and they have gone away offended at His word – we are not failures.

Let us, as we minister (what ever that looks like – writing – tweeting – or just talking with friends) send our followers off to follow Jesus. Otherwise all we have is a Christless Christianity.

Jesus – be the center of all I do today – let my words be seasoned with salt and my spirit open to your leading.

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4 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Leaders

  1. Sue C.

    I get quite frustrated at times because I feel like no-one is listening! That's when the Lord reminds me to "dust off my sandals and move on." Thanks for the reminder that we're not failures when they turn away.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Amen - so hard to bear though - we (I) so want to be accepted - but Jesus told us to expect they would not accept us, just as they didn't accept Him.

      Blessing to you as you shine Sue!

  2. cycleguy

    I constantly try to remember John 3:30: "he must become greater; I must become less." Pointing others to jesus is the one way that will happen.


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