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About Ben

Ben is an author, speaker, teacher, blogger, storyteller, IT geek, and student of the Bible. His heart is to see men and women reconciled to the Father and walking in all He has created for them.

11 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. poetrycottage

    Thanks Ben ... I too thought this was beautiful; but unable to comment and say so on Deb's blog ... but now I can 🙂 "He sees and hears and breathes them so they become
    His own" ... a sweet prayer.

  2. Debbie

    Oh, thank you, Mr. Ben, for reblogging! I was afraid I had taken too much poetic license there, thinking about God breathing in our prayers. :). God bless you and Happy Mothers Day to the Mrs.!

    1. Ben Nelson

      your completely welcome - I love the image - and it is the logical extension of our prayers being an incense - a sweet aroma - Blessings and happy mother's day to you too - Corinne says thanks 🙂

  3. debbestillandlisten

    I wasn't able to comment on Deb's blog. Deb this is just beautiful! "He sees and hears and breathes them so they become His own." This was my favorite part what beautiful imagery!


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