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How do you fall (back) in love?

My Wonderful Bride and I
My Wonderful Bride and I in 1979

... for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other.(Matthew 6:24 NASB)

I am having one of those chicken – egg moments (and no I don’t mean that I am pondering the wonderful bird that you can eat both before it’s born and after it’s dead.)

Riddle me this.

Does serving God lead to loving God?


Does loving God lead to serving Him?

As I work through the Song of Songs on Saturdays, I am finding that if I love Him well, it better prepares me to serve Him without holding back.

But then again, verse almost feels like it's saying you fall in love with the one you serve.

So here is a tip for every day life – get ready – it's a bit off topic – but should help somebody out there.

If you are having relationship troubles – perhaps with your spouse or your parents, or your kids, or your neighbors, or your boss, or your (ok – you're thinking of someone – stick a word here that describes your relationship and goes with the flow of my rant)_____________, try serving them.

First act of service – pray for them. Do it now – they're  already stuck in your brain.

Next, do something you know they will appreciate without being asked.

Hey – I know it won’t fix every relationship, but as a Jewish sitcom mom from the 1960’s might say – ‘It couldn’t hoit!’

IMG_0252Picture this with me – when a relationship goes from good to bad, it does not happen in one fell swoop (usually – I do get that there are exceptions.) Often it is more like a wall built one brick at a time, over time, until you can no longer see the face of the one that you love, only the ‘dead or alive’ wanted poster on the brick wall of offence.

So, if today, you take down one brick of offense you have turned your relationship around. You've turned the momentum in the opposite direction.

Oh – and you know I am not talking about allowing them to become your Master (with a capital ‘M’ – there is only room for one of those, and that needs to be Jesus. We will get back to that – but for today just a little slice of Dear Abby.

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Post Script - I am on vacation this week, and working on other things. I thought I would pull up this favorite of mine from December 5, 2012. Hope it blesses you today.


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