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Building walls | pen2paperblog

As I mentioned, I am on vacation this week and working on some interesting articles. Don't miss tomorrow post - "A Field Guide to the Practical Atheist" or Friday's Q&A - "Does God Hate Sinners?"In the mean time, one of my new blogging friends shared a link with me from her blog that correlated nicely with my post from yesterday - "How do you fall (back) in love?" Please have a look: 

Building walls


What kind of wall are you building? Walls come in all shapes, sizes, and material. We also build emotional walls. They are built easily but can be very difficult to tear down. An emotional wall is built from hurt, frustration, anger, guilt, false beliefs, shame, bitterness, rejection, and un-forgiveness, to name just a few.

Growing up is difficult and with each hurt we encounter, it’s as though we pick up a stone, brick, or cement block and begin building our wall.  [Read more]

Building walls | pen2paperblog.

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