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Is That a Sin? ~ Friday Q&A


Have you ever wondered, “Is that a sin?”

It’s the wrong question.

It’s actually the question satan wants you to ask.

WHAT – I just don’t want to offend God – I don’t want to do the wrong thing – What’s wrong with that?

OK – OK – hold on there. I am not saying we should just forge ahead and do questionable stuff.

What I am saying is that the question is actually an old Covenant question.

It’s a throw back to the Garden of Eden if the truth be told.

Remember – 2 trees.

And what did satan want Eve to do?

Eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Do you see the problem with the question?

Life – eternal life – does not come through making all the right behavioral choices. It does not come through avoiding sinS. In fact it was TotKoGaE (boy – that’s an ugly acronym) that ushered them (and us) into death.

The other tree is called the Tree of Life.

Jesus, in His high priestly prayer said:

This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. - John 17:3 NASB

This verse really got me thinking.

If I ask you – what is eternal life – how would you answer?

A mansion in glory?

Avoidance of hell?

Eternal life is a life of knowing the Father and His son Jesus.

The life we are called to is not one of knowing right and wrong, (though He does write all that in our hearts,) it is a life in communion with Jesus, in relationship with God.

I started by saying “Is that a sin?” is the wrong question. The right question is what I used to ask my mom all the time. It has two parts. Ready – here it is:

Father, what are you doing? Can I help?

BN Writers Page 150Thanks for coming by.

Keep shining.


11 thoughts on “Is That a Sin? ~ Friday Q&A

  1. ziggy317

    Great questions! Much more focused on God's heart instead of our own piddly stuff 🙂 . I think of how Jesus emphasized this in the sheep and goats story in Matthew 25. Jesus wants us to get involved in what He is doing, to love those He loves, and to take our eyes off ourselves in order to love them, too. Awesome.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Exactly - and in Matthew 7 the resounding judgment to those trying to enter is not about what you did, but "I never knew you"

      thanks Debbie.

  2. Turtle Royalty

    Ben, good point, and the logic works the other way as well. Asking yourself, is this a blessing? It creates the same false dichotomy around motive, around behavior. When the world is built around sins and blessings, it is no longer one beloved creation, but one beloved, and one rejected, and that is the road to exile and idolatry.

  3. joseph elon lillie

    A really good word Ben. I have often meditated upon Jesus definition of eternal life and how it differs from most people's. I think the question is never to be :"is that a sin?" but "Does that help me get closer to the One who saved me?"

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