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Two Side Effects of Praise

photo credit: sjdunphy via photopin cc
photo credit: sjdunphy via photopin cc

Last week we looked at ten character traits our Maiden loves in her Shepherd King. She explains to her girl friends why she is so willing to search for and wait for her Lover.

Today the other maidens, these who have been questioning her have another question.

Where has your beloved gone,
O most beautiful among women?
Where has your beloved turned,
That we may seek him with you?

Song of Songs 6:1 NASB

Her ten-fold praise of Jesus has had two profound effects.

First – Praise makes you beautiful.

This is easy to miss. Have you ever met someone who outwardly is completely beautiful but had a bad attitude? They complain about everything, or are contentious. Their constant criticisms turn them from a beauty into something awful.

By the same token, take a plain person with a heart full of praise, and before too long, you will find that she/he is beautiful in your eyes. You will desire to spend time with them.

Praise the LORD!
For it is good to sing praises to our God;
For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.

Psalms 147:1 NKJV

I love that – Praise is pleasant and praise is beautiful.

You are beautiful when you enter into wholehearted praise. When you worship with abandon, you are irresistible to the Lover of your Soul, and you are beautiful to those in attendance too.

Next – Praise is the most genuine form of evangelism. Her passion, her adoration for the Lord turns into pure evangelism. This evangelism is not motivated out of fear or guilt. It is not stilted nor does it seem pre-planned. This is true evangelism, that which is a simple outflow of what her heart knows of Him. Her words are not an argument, or a defense, but rather they flow from her heart, and express how the deep love of the Father has touched her and changed her, until He is her whole desire.

Her love for Him just pours out. This looks nothing like religion, which has motions to go through to keep accounts up to date. She has been deprived of closeness to Him, and has been deprived of ministry and that which fulfills her and yet, her contact with others still flows in ministry.

After sitting and hearing her speak of Him, they want to know Him too. They want to find Him, they want to follow Him.

Praise is great evangelism. No advertising budget can beat a satisfied customer.

BN Writers Page 150Will you come and follow my beautiful Jesus with me?

He is worthy.



2 thoughts on “Two Side Effects of Praise

  1. Larry Carroll

    This is so good, so right, so important! Thank you for making it so plain, too, Ben. And when we see His beauty, praising the Lord Jesus is so natural and so compelling! Hallelujah!


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