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I am My Beloved's ~ SoS Saturday

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I am my Beloved's and my beloved is mine,
He who pastures his flock among the lilies.

Song of Songs 6:3 NASB

We have come to the third stop in a progression I have been following since the beginning of the Song.

Here is how this progression plays out in this most wonderful Song:

My Beloved is to me a cluster of henna blossoms In the vineyards of Engedi. ~ 1:14

My Beloved is mine, and I am his; He pastures his flock among the lilies. ~ 2:16

I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine, He who pastures his flock among the lilies. ~ 6:3

I am my Beloved’s, And his desire is for me. ~ 7:10

Here is the progression

  • My Beloved is to me
  • My Beloved is mine, and I am His
  • I am my Beloved’s and my beloved is mine
  • I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me

We have watched this maiden – this ‘all in’ believer – go from the self-centered faith of a babe in Christ (not to be confused with childlike faith – there’s a difference) to one who has entrusted the Lord with everything in life.

In the end of Chapter 4 we watched as the maiden signed possession of her soul over to her Shepherd King. Now she refers to her own soul as His garden.

This transformation was not instantaneous, and has been tried and tested. It came through walking with Him in life, through times of intimacy and dark times of apparent separation. There have been times of persecution and times of ecstasy. There have been times when others in the body were drawn to her because of her relationship with Him and times when her love for Him put them off, and cause them to reject her.

And now when she looks at her life – her garden – it is first and foremost His.

Not unlike Jesus’ call to the rich young ruler we have been looking at this week, His call to her has been a call to total abandon to Him.

How do you look at your faith? It may show up even in the way you share the faith with others. Is your life with Jesus, all about what He does for you? Is your evangelism all about what Jesus will do for them?

It’s not wrong to let people know that Jesus is a wonderful Provider, a great Savior. But in the end, He is not looking to be an add on – like a safety option – an air bag for life. He wants to you sign your car over to Him, and join Him on His journey.

Oh – He will be yours too! Like Pastor J. said in the comments to yesterday’s post, we give Him our lives, and He gives us His. (Such a deal!)

Ben NelsonThanks a bunch for coming by today.

See you again soon.



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1 thought on “I am My Beloved's ~ SoS Saturday

  1. Debbie

    Thank you, Mr. Ben, for having me look at my faith, for helping me grow from just sharing what He's done for me. I guess that is usually what I feel people want to hear . . .but perhaps not! I should pray to see what HE wants them to hear! God bless you!


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