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Hearing From the Lord

I used to work with a man who, when asked a hard question he would reply:

“Only God knows and He’s not talking to me.”

Once in a while I would pop off the curt reply “He talks to me!”

I made light of it now and then, but it’s sad really that some folks never sense the voice of the Lord in their lives. To be perfectly honest, it’s sad how often I am content to go about my life without hearing from the Lord.

Perhaps you wonder how to hear the voice of the Lord.

Perhaps you have never heard Him.

Here is a lesson on how to hear from the Lord.

Step one:

Take your headphones out of your ears

Step two:

Open His Word

Step three:

Ask Him to speak

Step four:


A prayer I often pray when I am not hearing well is found in Psalm 119:

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. - Psalms 119:18 ESV

Try it and let me know what you hear.

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4 thoughts on “Hearing From the Lord

  1. Debbie

    Thank you, Mr. Ben! I start to get desperate if I don't hear from Him in some way or another. It's like needing air to breathe, we need His voice to live. I will share what He spoke to me today, although it might not make much sense. I was crying, so blessed at all the little things through out my day . . .evidence of Him. I cried as I thought of those being persecuted right now. He assured me that He was blessing them too. 🙂
    God bless you, Mr. Ben!

    1. Ben Nelson

      O, I am so glad you shared that. it's one of those areas where I keep going back to Him and asking for help and understanding. Bless you as you press in to His voice and presence.


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