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You're Not Disqualified

But when God, who had set me apart even from my mother's womb and called me through His grace... - Galatians 1:15 NASB

It is easy to believe that our past disqualifies us for service before the Lord.

We know the apostle Paul’s history – murderer and enemy of Christians – Terrorist.

And yet his history goes back further.

Paul says he was set apart from his mother’s womb.

God has works that He prepared for Paul, and the fact that he was killing Christians in front of their family members did not disqualify him from taking up his cross and following Jesus.

Grace is so powerful that it strips away all the filth – all of our hellish history, and takes us back to Gods original plan.

I don’t care what your past looks like.

  • Murderer – you're not disqualified.
  • Drunkard – you're not disqualified.
  • Terrorist – you're not disqualified.
  • Divorcee - you're not disqualified.
  • Homosexual - you're not disqualified.
  • Drug addict - you're not disqualified.
  • Alcoholic - you're not disqualified.
  • Child molester - you're not disqualified.
  • Grew up in the church and never did anything with your faith - you're not disqualified.

Today is your day. Stop letting your past keep you from giving what’s left of your life to the Lord. It’s not too late to do great things for God.

Grace is so powerful it can transform the worst of us, and give us the life God made us to live.

Paul – after growing to a mature adult mired in religion and terrorizing the Christians of the early church – was transformed by grace.

He healed the sick, raised the dead, founded and pastured churches, made disciples – oh, and wrote letters that changed the world.

What is the rest of your story?

Ben NelsonBen



2 thoughts on “You're Not Disqualified

  1. cycleguy

    What a powerful post Ben. I simply can't get enough of grace. i feel led to preach on Galatians, Ephesian, Philippians, and Colossians in 2015 and call it "Freedom!" Guess what subject will be a big part of it? 🙂


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