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Royal Chariots – SoS Saturday

Before I realized it, my desire set me
among the royal chariots of my people.

Song of Songs 6:12 NIV

We find the maiden walking along in the garden, observing the new growth – the budding vines, the pomegranate blossoms.

This one who once could not keep her own garden, frustrated by the little foxes that nipped at the young vines, today has moved on to walk with the Lord, her Shepherd King in His gardens.

As she sees the fresh buds of spiritual life her soul exults.

It’s all so fresh in her heart:

How He found her
How He tended her,
How He washed her from the filth of her old life
How He fed the soil she was in
How He calmed her fears when she could not leave the chambers
How He fed her the choicest foods beneath His wonderful banner of love
How He equipped her to deal with those little foxes
How she gave Him her garden for His own

And now she is seeing new life in others. She see them budding and bearing fruit and she is transported!

Before she knows what’s happening her heart is alive with the care of those with a young and burgeoning love for the Lord.

The chariot is the highest, fastest, most comfortable form of transport of the day. This royal chariot, decked out in luxurious materials and fine finishes. This queen is carried off in her royal chariot, but not to hide from the crowds.

She is off from garden to garden, from heart to heart, encouraging growth, exhorting, correcting, loving, helping, standing beside those who are offering their gardens up to the Lord - HER Lord.

It’s a beautiful picture of what happens as we begin to minister from a place of intimacy. We have seen her crash in her early days, when she ministered out of mere head knowledge.

Until we know Him, it’s not hard to keep our hearts in check. But give Him your garden, and walk with Him among those He loves, and before you know it – your heart is a chariot running full speed ahead

What a life!

Ben NelsonBlessings


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