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Drink All Of It

And in the same way He took the cup after they had eaten, saying, "This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood.” - Luke 22:20 NASB

I’m on a journey to understand and experience to its fullest extent the New Covenant the Lord has given to us in His blood.

On one hand - I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what our life is intended to look like. After decades in Christ, and decades of pondering His Word, there is so much I see that I have not attained, so much I don’t walk in as yet.

There are those who when they hear my opening statement will be tempted to think that I am looking to milk my relationship with God for everything I can get out of it. As though I am standing at the foot of the cross, watching my Lord and Savior as He is tortured to death and saying, what’s in it for me.

God forbid - GOD FORBID!

I have heard some of my more conservative friends talk about my more charismatic friends with this idea. Somehow going after God for all that He has for us in the New Covenant is greedy or worse. Somehow the prayer “more Lord” made famous in Toronto is self-centered and offensive to the Lord.

That’s not it.

It’s that very thing - Jesus on the Cross - that makes me want to pursue all that He has for me.

I see Him standing there, on the night that He was betrayed with a cup of blood in His hand, raised up as though He were going to make a toast. Then He hands it to me and says:

This is the New Covenant in my blood - DRINK ALL OF IT. If you will not drink this New Covenant, My Blood, you have no part in me.

Every time I drink from this cup, every time I take a step further into His kingdom, further devoted to His reign in my life, I look back into the cup and see it is still full - THERE IS MORE.

There is more to surrender.

There is more to experience.

There are more prisoners to set free.

There are more blind eyes to open.

There are more dead who need life.

There are more in turmoil who need peace.

So today pray with me:

More Lord

Ben NelsonThanks for coming by.

Drink deeply.


6 thoughts on “Drink All Of It

  1. Cheryl McGrath

    Boundless, limitless, without beginning or end.....this is the God we worship. So there is always more, and I for one will never be ashamed to ask for the more of Christ. Great post Ben!

  2. michaeldrake2012

    Amen, Jesus said “You will find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” He will allow us to go as deep as we seek, ask and find. We may look different because we are walking in Kingdom principles and our eyes of faith sees the things He has promised. “Greater is He that is in us, the he that is in this world”


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