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Ivory Tower ~ SoS Saturday

Your neck is like a tower of ivory.

Song of Songs 7:4

Thrice before in the song we have heard about the Bride’s neck, or necklace. Each time from her Lover’s point of view. Today we see the view of her companions. They see her neck as an ivory tower.

Ivory is an interesting choice here.

Today, due to the fragile nature of the elephant population and global condemnation of the ivory trade, ivory has to a great extent fallen out of favor. Throughout history it has been a highly sought after commodity, and a symbol of wealth and honor.

In telling of the kings of the world who came to honor Solomon we read:

For the king had ships which went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram; once every three years the ships of Tarshish came bringing gold and silver, ivory and apes and peacocks. - 2 Chronicles 9:21

Solomon made himself a throne of ivory overlaid with pure gold. (2 Chronicles 9:17)

Ahab (ok - stop that boo-ing in the peanut gallery) built a house of Ivory. (1 Kings 22:39)

The point is, an ivory tower is not a tower of strength, but a tower of honor and beauty.

The neck, as we have seen before in our study is that part of us which turns our affections toward the Lord. Our maiden does not have a stiff neck from the Lord’s vantage point as the prophets said of Israel who refused to give the Almighty their focus and attention.

However, from the outside view, from the view of her admirers, her neck is immovable. Her face can not be turned from following the Lord. Her eyes are fixed on His.

It’s beautiful.

It’s elegant.

It’s magnificent.

Your single hearted devotion to the Lord, and unbending attention to His face, His call, the glance of His eye is a tower of ivory. Your neck - set toward Him - not in hopes of gaining honor or an attempt at self beautification, none the less brings you honor among the faithful and is beautiful to behold.

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