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Maturity Doesn’t mean Arrival – SoS Saturday

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Your eyes like the pools in Heshbon 
By the gate of Bath-rabbim;

Song of Songs 7:4

Does this sound just a little cheesy to you? It reminds me of the old line — Your eyes are like limpid pools … - what the heck is limpid anyway.

OK - had to get that out of my system. (By the way limpid means completely free from anything that darkens - completely clear.)

In reality - Heshbon was a city famous for it’s pools. Once a royal city of the Amorites, it’s name has at it’s root “reason and understanding.”

Bath-rabbim is a gate of this city - Heshbon. Bath-rabbim means daughter of a multitude.

So what do we learn of our maiden’s eyes?

Her depth is revealed in her eyes. When you look into her eyes, you find a depth of understanding. Solomon himself was the one who told us "with all your getting - get understanding." (Proverbs 4:7)

The mention of the gates demonstrates more than just reason, more than understanding, but influence. City gates are populated by the elders. There they meet to reason through the problems of the day. There they decide on who should have access and who should be excluded. It is the seat of government.

These who observe our bride, see her depth, and confer upon her the honor usually reserved for men alone.

Finally - daughter of a multitude - now many claim to have mentored her. Now that she walks in maturity, and influence, there’s a lot of “I taught her everything she knows” going on. It’s not that they’re lying, or bragging, just that she carries qualities they can all identify, and many have added to her character.

The mature believer walks in understanding and learns and grows through every interaction. When she rubs shoulders with any believer, or for that matter, and person, it adds to her. And so - they see their influence in her, and it spurs them on.

Maturity doesn’t mean arrival.

Maturity does not mean there is no further to go.

Maturity does not mean there is nothing further to learn.

The writer to the Hebrews complains of the immature believer that they can only take in milk, and not meat.

The ear-mark of the mature believer is that he or she is able to eat the stronger, deeper foods and grow by them. She is able to feed on the deep lessons of grace, and grow in the riches and treasures of the word.

She has gone beyond the study for the sake of knowing and is digging into the understanding of things.

She has not arrived, she has simply learned to travel with greater expertise.

Her eyes are not puddles of facts, but deep pools of understanding.

Ben NelsonWalk in the blessings before you today.

See you again soon.


PS - I know it’s not Saturday, but someone took a blender to my calendar, and so I’m a little behind.

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