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God doesn't do it that way! – A Lesson from the Wisemen

the voice of a starAs I pondered this story of the wisemen, I got thinking about how they would ever know that a star in the sky should point to a Messiah for Israel.

First - not being Jews themselves, how would they even know, and second, even if they were Jews, was there anything that pointed to a new star as the announcement of this new King?

Messianic prophecy is tricky at best. Though Jesus, in His life and ministry, fulfilled upwards of three hundred prophecies, none of them gave a really clear narrative of His birth, life and death, and many are yet to be fulfilled at His second coming.

The only thing I found resembling a prophetic mention of a star was in the prophecy of Balaam. Do you remember Balaam. He was a prophet that was so stubborn that God had to use a talking Donkey to get his attention.


Not that Donkey


There, that’s better.

In Balaam’s prophecy he says this:

I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; A star shall come forth from Jacob, A scepter shall rise from Israel, And shall crush through the forehead of Moab, And tear down all the sons of Sheth. - Numbers 24:17 NASB

OK - so there may be a Messianic reference somewhere in there, but Moab was no longer a nation when Jesus hit the scene. And certainly it’s not talking about a star shining down on the birth of a new king. If anything - I can see Jesus being the ‘star rising out of Jacob.’

So let’s move to another prophet.

In Isaiah’s prophecy there is a clear indication that a light will shine in the darkness.

Check it out:

The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them. - Isaiah 9:2 NASB

Clearly this is not speaking of the star of Bethlehem, but the Light that was born that night the stable.

There just is no Biblical prophecy that foretold a star shining down on the birth of Jesus. God just did it. Sometimes He just does things that He has never done before. He does not have to give reasons either - the Psalmist says

But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases. - Psalm 115:3 NASB

The wild thing is that these wisemen figured it out, dropped everything and followed the star.

These days I’ve seen some strange things happening in Christian circles that are unprecedented. I can simply discount it as hokus pokus because I don’t have scripture and verse, or I can press into it and see what God is doing.

Some Christians come to things they don’t understand, whether it’s tongues, or healing, or some odd manifestation, and react in fear - drawing back because they don’t understand.

I’m not saying that we should just rush in with our eyes closed, but let’s be open to the moving of the Spirit. Let’s see what God might be doing in our day. “God never did it like this before,” is jus not a good enough answer for me anymore.

Wisemen investigate. Wisemen study. Wisemen follow.

Have you seen stuff that you can't explain from the Bible, but you know it's God?

Ben NelsonHey - Have a Happy New Year!!



4 thoughts on “God doesn't do it that way! – A Lesson from the Wisemen

  1. Debbie

    Thank you, Mr. Ben, for encouraging us to seek Him and look for what He is doing . ..even if it isn't what we've known and seen before. God bless!


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