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A New Genesis

John starts his gospel with “In the Beginning,” because God is erasing the first Genesis and writing a new beginning.

Don’t get me wrong. Genesis is important and true, and will never go away, but we have a new start.


Genesis starts with a perfect creation that goes bad in short order.

John (and the New Testament) starts us of a fallen creation that is put right.

Genesis (and the Old Testament) gives us an Adam who fell from grace.

John (and the New Testament) tells us of a Second Adam—a Last Adam—who was full of grace and lavished it freely on all who come to Him.

Genesis (and the Old Testament) tell us how Adam broke the plate-glass window of the law.

John (and the New Testament) tell us of how the Last Adam fulfilled the law.

Jesus sweeps up the broken shards of the law, places the whole mess of it in His blood and pulls it out squeaky clean and unbroken. [Tweet This]

I love this new Genesis. Don’t you?

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