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Encounters With Jesus | Book Review | Steve Bremner

One of my "Must Listen" podcasts is "Fire on Your Head" which is hosted by Steve Bremner. He and his wife Lilly are missionaries to Peru, and he hosts a podcast that is always worth listening to. He's not afraid to talk about tough subjects, and he gets some of the best guest.

We have been online friends for a couple of years now, and I asked him if he would consider reviewing my book.

He did, and I am humbled by his words - I wanted to share it here so you could see it too.

So here's my friend Steve and his comments on my book - Encounters With Jesus.

Encounters With Jesus | Book Review | Steve Bremner.

By the way - one very tangible way you can help the ministry of this book is to review it on Amazon. Amazon promotes books that get reviews.

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