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A Selah Moment | Blue Skies & Lollipops

A Selah Moment


Selah – it’s the word that appears many times at the end of a Psalm. Almost like an afterthought, without reason or purpose. Most commonly it is described as being an instruction for the musical director. It invokes an image of the conductor holding the baton in the air causing the orchestra to pause, to hold before being released to the next note. But yet doesn’t seem to add anything to the Psalm itself.

Recently though, Brian and Jenn Johnson from Bethel Church unpacked the concept and importance of the Selah when leading worship.

Part of the ‘Selah’ moment is that moment of pausing and waiting on His cue, instead of just doing what you know to do. [Read the rest of the article...]

A Selah Moment | Blue Skies & Lollipops.

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