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To Remain Teachable. « J.S. Park

I always want to know when I’m wrong. Really. I’m aware I’m never the smartest guy in the room. I want to remain teachable. Being wrong is not the end of the world. I want to be open to a thought I’ve never had, even if it threatens what I’ve always known. Even if we disagree in the end, I want to have considered every possibility before landing on solid ground.

If there’s a better way or some angle I’m not seeing, I’d like to know. If even one percent of what we’re saying can help someone see a little further, it’s worth saying and worth learning. There’s no pride or joy in holding onto an idea just because “we’ve always done it that way.” Some convictions are lifelong and eternal, but there’s so much that is fluid and flexible.

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4 thoughts on “To Remain Teachable. « J.S. Park

  1. Carl Hiltz

    Paul Wilkinson This isn't really a comment. I am friends with Bruce Allen. We go way back 40 years. I am 82. Bruce put one of your posts on facebook and that prompted me to write this note. Much of who I am is on the web site You will see there that I have written a trilogy and why. The reason I am contacting you [if you have time] is to get advice on publishing it on paperback. As you can see I have made it available free for downloading. I have no need to become and author or make money from book sales. What I want is for it to be read. I did the first book of the trilogy with self publishing and even had it on Amazon, that was a great mistake as I had no way of merchandising it... age and all. I don't want to bore you with the details. But here is my request to you. As someone with such experience as you have, would you assess the trilogy and give me any suggestions on where or how to get a publisher to consider it. I live on a fixed income and can't afford to pay the amount some are asking to help me. I don't want upfront money or anything like that I just would like to have a paper copy available for that segment of society that isn't digital..
    The Harry Potter series offers our young [and old] a tantalizing look at the 'dark side' I want to show its dangers and the wonderful alternative. If you are to busy to consider this, I understand but I am running out of time and any further possibilities. Thank for even taking the time to read this.
    Live in love
    Walk in faith.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Send me a quick email and I'll be glad to tell you the steps i took to put my book in print. It can be done basically for free, but there are a couple optional things that are well worth the few dollars involved.

      I've considered writing a blog post the process I used, and perhaps i'll do that while I'm on vacation next week, so putting the process down for you will be a good start for that.

      Thanks for asking, and God bless you and your effort.


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