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Who Broke Marriage?

Marriage is broken!


Who broke marriage?

Did the Supreme Court break it?

Did the LGBT community break it?


Did no fault divorce break it?

Did free love break it?

Who broke marriage?

I have a thought.

Fifty years of caring less about fidelity, about loyalty, about commitment may have cracked the shell.

Forty-two and a half years of children as a choice rather than a gift from the hand of God may account for some of these fragments.

Decades of absentee dads—some were in prison—others were at work—may have chiseled away an edge.

Year upon year of prayerless couples might have caused some havoc.

Scores of stupid TV dads might be culpable a bit.

Drunken rage replacing disciple and understanding—yep that had a hand in this mess.

A dearth of good examples to follow might own a share or two.

Those girls who preceded you down the aisle when you promised “for better or for worse” bad mouthing your man at every turn—perhaps we should send them the bill.

The men who toasted your wedding who drag you away every weekend—could we ask them to bear some blame.

Who broke marriage?

Yeah, let’s blame the Supreme Court—That’s easy.

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10 thoughts on “Who Broke Marriage?

  1. cycleguy

    I'm thinking I'm catching your sarcasm. 🙂 You forgot one. How about sin? Let's blame Adam & Eve. They were good at blaming each other.

  2. Sue C.

    Hi Ben: I agree and disagree. All those things helped to "break marriage" but a law was not passed excusing, promoting, and shoving down the throats of the American people an abomination in God's eyes. A literal rebuking of His Word. And for that I do blame the Supreme Court and am thankful that God rules in the end, not the Supreme Court.

  3. starquestbridge

    Im reposting this on my own blog.
    It is clear that marriage has been broken by sin long before now. The blame is our individual sin. We are all to blame. From the top to the bottom. From the bottom to the top. Everything in this world that is out of balance is because of sin.

  4. Lisa

    Once again, great post. I took my vows to heart at age 23, after meeting this "Christian" man at a fellowship at college......17 years later after countless tears, and prayer....God in his love and mercy opened the door and took me out of a relationship filled with anything but goodness and love. And no, divorce was Not in my vocabulary. I am happy to say that years later, my current husband, heaven sent, took my hand and I was given a gift of new beginnings filled with Gods incredible love in a truly God centered marriage. Since the recent ruling, my Facebook newsfeed and Christian articles are just outraged about the ruling....we need to look inside the walls and doors of church, filled with sinners....adultry, lieing, narcissists, boasters, prideful souls....look within church...we are accountable as believers for how we act, our walk, do people see the fruits of the spirit, do your children, your spouse, your friends and family, co-workers? Look within, those in darkness making the laws are not held accountable when they live in darkness as God ways are foolishness to them. Lets turn this around and take our marriages sacred, and protect them in love and honor.....don't be thrown off by what the world is doing..let's be a example as to what true holy matrimony is and keep our eyes on God and dont worry so much about the supreme anxious for everything...Love your spouse with heart and soul, as he loves us....Marriage is broken and it's not the fault of the supreme court.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Amen Lisa. That's so true. Our real job is foretold in Isaiah 60:1-2

      "Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. "For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you. - Isaiah 60:1-2 NASB

      We live in deep darkness, and the only hope for those who live in darkness is the light.

      Let's keep shining!

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