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The Sweet Sufficiency of Jesus

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About Ben

Ben is an author, speaker, teacher, blogger, storyteller, IT geek, and student of the Bible. His heart is to see men and women reconciled to the Father and walking in all He has created for them.

5 thoughts on “The Sweet Sufficiency of Jesus

  1. Lisa

    "but unless those prophetic messages have been recieved and wrestled with in the furnace of Gods consuming love they do little more then add more noise into the confusing chaos in the world around us". so much of this going on these days it hurts my head....stay in his word, abide in his word...It brings peace. thanks for sharing the post Ben, good stuff.. I did pull that one part out as too many Christians are adding more noise into the confusing chaos.....something I personally have been seeing
    on my Facebook newsfeed lately........we are to "rest" in him..not create chaos. Peace Ben 🙂


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