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an absurd & tenacious hope | Risking Love. Writing Brave.

an absurd & tenacious hope


The modus operandi of the new covenant gospel of grace by the dynamic of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ will always be counter-intuitive, counter-cultural, and counter-productive to the ways of the natural world. Divine grace is always antithetical to human performance and productivity.

Jim Fowler

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the horrific story that came out of Virginia yesterday of a reporter and another man being shot dead on live TV. My Facebook news feed became so overwhelmed with this story and even videos from the TV station (that I did not watch), as well as a video from a camera that was on the shooter, that I had to step away yesterday for my own well-being. We are not built to handle an onslaught of evil – not instantly nor consistently. So today I am not privy to any details, though I do believe the shooter shot himself and died. I also saw some comments before stepping away from social media about how he should die…my spirit cannot accept this kind of talk; reading it makes my heart heavy and my stomach churn.

I did have a conversation with my youngest daughter earlier in the day about...

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    1. Ben Nelson

      I have been following you for a couple weeks and love your writing and your heart. I hope the book blesses you. There are a few sample chapters under the encounters tab if you want to take a look.




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