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What’s Darker Than Dark? ~ Bread for the Bride

Cheryl  has once again nailed it!

What’s Darker Than Dark?

Spooky foggy forest at night

When I was a child I was afraid of the dark. One of my earliest memories is of waking to see a gigantic feral cat, silhouetted in the moonlight, filling the doorway to my bedroom. Yellow glowing eyes stared menacingly back at me as I contemplated what to do. Terrified, I did the best I could for a three year old: shouted for my dad and dived under the bed covers. From then on I was frightened of any dark places.

Until I grew up that is.

There’s a lot of darkness around, have you noticed? It seems each time we take a peek over that protective bed cover we call Christianity, spiritual darkness looms greater, staring back at us with its evil intentions, threatening to swallow us up, along with our loved ones and our familiar way of life.

Wars and rumors of war spew from the nightly news; mass migrations of suffering humanity spill over national borders we once thought impenetrable; terrorists threaten us daily with unspeakable acts; values we thought sacred and beyond question are increasingly held to mockery and torn down in our courts of law. Death and destruction strike randomly and unexpectedly. Political leaders of all persuasions fail to meet our expectations and often seem on the side of the creeping darkness.

It seems Christianity is under siege.

We have two choices. We can hide back under the bed covers of our traditional religion, ‘tut tut’ our displeasure, and hope it will all go away. Or we can rise up as the militant victorious people we are meant to be, rebuking and driving back the darkness, waving our Bibles and our little white crosses with shouts of hallelujah and war to the death. Right?


(Come on admit it, I had you going for a moment there, didn’t I? Just alittle?) [Read the rest of the article here...]

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