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Magdalene’s Request…

Meet a new blogging acquaintance I've recently started following. I hope you'll find this as touching as I did.

Check out his other posts too. Reuben does a lot of first person accounts in a similar style to my book Encounters With Jesus.  He blogs at Loved and Forgiven!!

I think you will love what you find.





Magdalene’s Request…

Here I am… standing at Golgotha’s door. Looking upon my Lord, hanging from a Cross. Looking upon a blood red floor. (Matthew 27:33;John 10:9)

That he who carved beauty from a hewn hunk of wood, with precise eye and vision. With such tender care and understood. Held in strong hands and with gentleadmonition… 

Has been SLAMMED so carelessly – against a cruel stake, bare knuckles nailed to a calloused Tree. (John 19:20)

Exhausted and spent, our lives torn apart. Even so, I wasn’t about to give up on the One who had captured my heart! Give up, go home? Oh no! I would see this through. Approached the Centurion, told him what I planned to do.

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