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Lord We Seek Your Face – Worship Wednesday

Here's another one I found through One Passion One Devotion. In fact it was the first of Claire's Wednesday Worship offerings I ran into. I go back to it regularly.

These simple lyrics take me to the throne every time.

O Lord we seek Your face
Your Spirit, truth and grace
Breathe on us,
Spirit breathe on us

Be exalted, be exalted, be exalted O Lord
Breath of heaven come and fill us
This is our prayer, this is our praise

cropped-BenHeadshot.jpgHave an awesome Wednesday.

Give place to the Spirit of God today!



2 thoughts on “Lord We Seek Your Face – Worship Wednesday

  1. Lisa

    Let everything that has breath..Praise his name! Amen..Awesome worship song..thanks for sharing Ben. peace to you and your family Ben. 🙂 Lisa


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