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An Un-Christmas Carol | Bread for the Bride

One of my favorite bloggers and gifted poet, Cheryl McGrath, who blogs at Bread for the Bride gives us this wonderful Un-Christmas Carol. In a few short lines she shines her light on the stark reality of the Lord's birth. Be sure and visit her site and leave her some love there.



Music notes with Christmas carol and Christmas ornaments

The night was not so silent:

In the bustling streets

Crowds pushed and poked

With shoving elbows and trampling feet

Men cursed

Dust choked

Indifferent to a woman heavy with child

In desperate need of a place to sleep


The little town was not so still:

It’s streets and houses overflowing

With one night standers, out of towners

Compelled together by Roman decree

Eager to reclaim their normality

The shrill shouts of merchants intertwined

With the noise and smell of humanity

For trade was brisk and coins flowed free


The virgin mother was not so peaceful:

Her young face etched with pain and fear

On her lips a voiceless prayer

Her womb, its patience spent,

Pushing, heaving, stretching,

Sharply signalling its intent

Amid the turmoil of the dung strewn street

To expel her child right then and there


The Child’s face was not so radiant:

Don't miss the rest back at Bread for the Bride...

3 thoughts on “An Un-Christmas Carol | Bread for the Bride

  1. Sue C.

    I read Cheryl's poem the other day and she really took the fluff out of our Savior's birth. Thanks for sharing it and allowing us to read it again. Have a very Merry Christmas, Ben.

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