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The Greatness of God’s Greatest Gift

My dear sister Helen shared this with our home group on Saturday night, and my first thought was - That'll preach. I thought it would make a great sermon, or blog series. But as I pondered it, I realized it does preach, as is. No more is needed to make it sing the song of salvation. You'll recognize the text on the left from John 3:16 (KJV)

So without any further ado...

The Greatness of God's Greatest Gift

God—the greatest lover
so loved—the greatest degree
the world—the greatest company
that He gave—the greatest act
His only begotten Son—the greatest gift
that whosoever—the greatest opportunity
believeth—the greatest simplicity
in Him—the greatest attraction
should not perish—the greatest promise
but—the greatest difference
have—the greatest certainty
everlasting life.—the greatest possession

Author unknown.


Merry Christmas,


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