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Encounter Jesus in the New Year

Hi folks,

Want to get a great start in the New Year? How about 40 days with Jesus?

Encounters With Jesus - Available Now
Encounters With Jesus - Available Now

Encounters With Jesus makes a great daily reading plan. You'll find yourself immersed in His life. The narratives will let you see Jesus heal, forgive, love and even rebuke. Then they'll lead you to the original stories in the Bible.

It's a great way to get to know Jesus from a fresh perspective, or dozens (of perspectives that is.)

If you read on a Kindle you can be up and running on the first of the year. If you're the "hold it in your lap and turn pages" type, you'll have a couple days to get ready while you wait for Amazon to ship your copy to you.

40 familiar stories, creatively re-written (with a little imagination included), that will astound you and cause you to love and worship Christ all over again. We know that Jesus is Healer. We know that He taught with authority. We know that He freed people from their demons and that He loved the outcasts.

But Ben writes these stories from the perspective of those who encountered Jesus,helping us see Jesus and experience His power in a new way. It puts us in the shoes of those who met Him personally, helping us identify with them in their desperation. Included in this 40-day devotional are the stories of individuals like Elizabeth, Simon, Mary, and Peter. But my favorites are the lesser-told accounts, and the stories of people who encountered Jesus yet maybe didn’t fall on their knees in worship. For example, the story of the Samaritan Woman, the Rich Young Ruler who walked away sad, the Woman with the issue of blood, and the Servant whose ear Peter cut off. (From Kristyn Mogler's book review.)

I hope you'll consider starting the year with Jesus, whether with Encounters, or with your own plan. Give the year to Jesus, and you'll never regret it.

BenHeadshotBlessing for the New Year,

Walk in the light in 2016,


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