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Encounter for Lent

I grew up in a church tradition that knew nothing of lent. I thought it was a Catholic only tradition, and it was foreign to me. The church we are part of now uses lent as a time of focus.

Encouter cover samples covers onlyWhen I was putting Encounters With Jesus together last year, I was initially hoping I could get it published in time for lent, but there were just too many things I had to learn about self-publishing and whatnot.

But now, the book is ready to go and there's time for you to order one in time for Lent. Why not spend the forty days leading up to Easter getting to know Jesus in a new and fresh way?

Starting with a few stories surrounding Christ's conception and birth, walking through His ministry years and culminating in His passion and resurrection, this book takes you right through the life of Jesus. As we approach Easter, your heart will be full of joy as we celebrate His glorious resurrection.

Perhaps you would like to go through the book with a Bible study group or Sunday school class. Read the stories and the scriptures behind each.

Amazon has the book on sale now for 7.99 in paperback. It's also available for your Kindle. I'm also adding it to the Kindle lending library today, so you can borrow it at no cost if you're an Amazon Prime member.

Can I ask a favor from you my blogging friends? Would you consider sharing this little ad on your favorite social media outlet to help me get the word out? It would be a huge blessing. Just post the photo below with a link to the Amazon page.

Book ad for Lent

Thanks so much!

See you again soon.


4 thoughts on “Encounter for Lent

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  2. Anonymous

    I like reading about what other folks do for days such as Lent. We don't celebrate it, or most of the other traditional holidays. We do observe Christmas and Easter, though. I think it is because we see it a something associated with the Roman church.

    1. Ben

      I don't know wally -that is strange. I get comments all the time. We never did lent really either untill we came back to the church i grew up in, and found they had added the observance in. It's not really Catholic only per say. it's from ancient Christian liturgies.

      Our church, for the last few years has put together a daily devo written by leaders in the body. This year we are going through the book of Mark. It's kind of great to hear from all the various folks in the body and how they interact with the Word.


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