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3 Ways An Anti-Christ Spirit Tries To Get The Focus Off Of Jesus – by Jonathan Brenneman

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I ran across this wonderful post and wanted to share it with you. It's so important for us to recognize the spirits at work in our conversations with others.


Christ The Healer

#Christ The Healer

Last week, in Confronting Spiritual Opposition To The Message, we talked about how a spirit can influence people to interrupt us or suddenly change the topic. We must not become offended at the individual, but instead we realize that a spirit is influencing them and they probably don’t realize what they did.

Today, I share more experiences with confronting opposition. The word anti-Christ means “opposed to Christ”. An anti-Christ spirit is opposed to the revelation of Christ. Here are three phrases that we often hear when a spirit opposed to Christ is trying to divert people’s attention:

 1. “The Power Of Faith Is Amazing”

One night I was at the school across the street. Some people were taking martial arts classes, and a girl’s knee was injured. I began to talk about how God had healed me.

The martial arts instructor immediately cut me off as I was still speaking and began to talk about oriental healing arts. He did something where he pressed on the girl’s knee and tried to move energy to make it feel better. It was obviously far inferior to what Christ could do, since he told me that all of them had chronic knee pain. If it really worked so well, they would all be better! ...


Please read the rest of this post on Jonathan's page, Go To Heaven Now. And check out Jerry's comments as well. While you're there, you might want to follow his blog, and check out his books.

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