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The Speed of Revelation

I heard a great phrase last week from one of the speakers at a conference I attended. Mark Chironna said we need to slow down to the speed of revelation.

The simple point was that we get fixated on reading through the scriptures. Maybe we have a goal of reading in large chunks every day. I actually saw a website that suggested that if you weren’t reading six chapters of the Bible every day you should not call yourself a Christian. (Legalist much?)

Mark Chironna’s point was that God wants to speak to us through His Word, and if we are just powering through, we’ll miss it. Sometimes we need to slow down and listen.

We need to slow down. Let God speak.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” - Matthew 4:4 ESV

It’s important to understand that this verse does not say every word God wrote in His book, but every word that comes out of His mouth. God speaks today. Much of what He wants you to hear is in His word the Bible, and much of it comes through revelation as we meditate on His written word. Still more comes through our conversations with Him. It must all be poured through His written word, and it must all be measured against our plumb line—Jesus—the Word of God in flesh and bone.

Once more, when we read His Word, we need to slow down. Let Him speak directly to your soul as you mull it over, chew it, swallow it. Drink deeply of the living water. Let His word permeate you. Let it fill you. Let is satisfy you.

Mark shared that the ancients would sometimes sit with one verse for weeks and let it speak.

I remember a couple years back doing that with John 14. I spent almost a year just going back to it over and over again. And today, when I go back there, what I learned in that year is still there, but there is always fresh bread on the table as God continues to feed me from these everlasting words.

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Slow down to the speed of Revelation with me,


7 thoughts on “The Speed of Revelation

  1. Cheryl McGrath

    Couldn't agree more Ben. I often just sit with the Holy Spirit over one verse or a few verses and stay there for days or longer. I gave up trying to read the Bible any other way a long time ago. This is good advice you give.

    1. Ben

      Thanks Cheryl. I sometimes still read chunks, but I need to take something with me to mull.

      I stubbed my toe on a verse a couple days ago, and it is like a dogs chew toy now. I keep going back to it to find how God wants it to change me. I know there is change and growth in that verse, and He is working it into me.

      His Word is so wonderful! But then--we knew that -His name shall be called Wonderful!

      Thanks for coming by Cheryl.

  2. Matthew Cailes

    Amen! Using a daily Bible reading plan can be very helpful, if we actually think about what we are reading and not just read for sake of reading. Sometimes I come back to a particular verse or passage that has spoken to me.

    1. Ben

      Amen - sometimes, when on a plan, i zone out and get nothing but a checkmark on my to do list for the day. That's what i must fight against.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing!

  3. JE Lillie

    This is so good Ben. God wants to tell us so much but we turn devotions into an item on our "to do list" and once it is checked off we think no more about it. The Word and His voice has to be something we visit and get refreshed in throughout the day.
    I once had occasion to spend six months in the book of Hebrews just reading and rereading. It never got old!

    1. Ben

      Oh man - Hebrews! You could spend a lifetime in Hebrews and it would still be new. Can you image what it would be like to be the man or woman God entrusted with that word!


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