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Woo Hoo – a new Review!!!

Encounters With Jesus just received another 5 Star review! Thank YOU!!

Here's what quierofuego has to say about Encounters With Jesus.


Encounters With Jesus - Available Now

I remember a period of time when the gospels came alive to me. I read through


them again and again, thinking "I finally get it! It's all about Jesus' compassion! Jesus didn't just heal people and do miracles to prove that he was God. He showed us what God's heart is."

In "Encounters With Jesus," Ben Nelson shares stories from the gospels from the perspectives of the people Jesus touched. This work is semi-fiction, as scripture only gives limited details its stories. It certainly doesn't contradict the account of scripture, but it helps us to imagine what the people who met Jesus thought and felt.

"Encounters With Jesus" often brought me to tears as I considered again the wonderful compassion and nature of Jesus--God in the flesh, God come as a man. This is a great resource to help you meditate on the nature of Christ and to let his goodness and compassion transform you.

Thank so much, if you have reviewed Encounters. It's such an encouragement to me and helps others find it, too.

If you're not familiar with Encounters With Jesus you can read a couple free chapters here (Blood in the Sheets) and here (What I found at the Well), and see what others are saying in their Amazon reviews here.

If you would like to order yours, it's available in paperback or kindle from Amazon. For orders of five or more copies - email me - and I can offer you a better price.

Thanks for stopping by and please forgive this shameless commerce post.

You are a blessing.

Keep the light shining.




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