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God Explained

At the end of my Christmas post yesterday, the passage I posted from John’s Gospel ended with these words.

He [the Word—Jesus] has explained Him[God]. - John 1:18 NASB

You see. The outcome of the Word coming in flesh is that we can know and understand God.

OK - I can hear it now—God is so far beyond our understanding, we could never understand Him.

Yep—that's true.


There is an expression of God that can be comprehended to a certain extent.

It’s God in the flesh. He didn’t just put on a man suit like some alien from Men In Black. He became a man with all that means, the frailty, the weakness, even the ability to be tempted. God took on those inherent desires I spoke about Saturday. He managed His God-given desires in a way that brought honor and pleasure to the Father.

So when we take a step back and look at Jesus we begin to understand the Father. The explanation of what God is like begins to form. The realization of what God is not like also takes form.

As we gaze on this God-man we see the character of God, the goodness of God, the compassion of God, the heart of God. We see what angers Him and what moves His hand to bless and heal.

We see God, and it's much clearer than looking at the history of a nation that walked in the wilderness four thousand years ago.

Jesus is the explanation of God written in terms we can begin to understand.

I’m so glad.

Aren’t you?


Keep the light on!


3 thoughts on “God Explained

  1. JE Lillie

    Hebrews Chapter 1 tells us that in "these last days God has spoken to us through the Son." The Greek construction though actually says "God has spoken to us in Son.", as though Jesus were actually the language God used to explain Himself to us. He is literally the Word of God, the conversation of God with the race of men.


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