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Your Love is Better Than Wine – SoS Saturday

For your love is better than wine. - Song of Songs 1:2b NASB

How so?

How is the love of the this Shepard King better than wine?

Wine pretends to be a provider. It offers to provide joy, peace, comfort, hope, escape. But it’s provision is brief and fleeting. Its refreshing doesn’t last past the night, and in the morning what it supplied is gone, and what’s left is deeper need.

By contrast, the Lord’s love is enduring, His provision is real and lasting. The provision we receive from Jehovah Jireh supplies felt needs as well as real needs we may not even know we have, with an everlasting supply.

The joy that comes through relationship with the Lord is not dependent on circumstances.

The peace given by the Prince of Peace is incomprehensible, a peace that passes understanding.

The comfort of the Lord is not a pat on the hand and a sympathetic hug. The Lord’s comfort comes to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. He comes beside us and brings us strength for the day and wisdom to choose for tomorrow. Where wine may calm us with a false peace and comfort, that is gone in the morning, the Spirit, the Comforter, walks with us through the valley of death and provides peace and hope each step of the way.

The escape wine offers simply delays or masks the circumstances we want to flee. In the Spirit, there is a courage that faces trouble with hope based on the sure knowledge that the Lord has a plan for us and a way has been made.

Think of Jesus getting on a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. In the midst of a life-threatening storm, he sleeps, knowing His Father’s will awaited on the other side of the lake. The assurance we have as we follow Him tells us our end is in His hands, and so, is sure.

By His love, we learn to love in like manner. His love restores our relationships and gives us the ability to love even our enemies.

His love is better than wine at every turn.

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2 thoughts on “Your Love is Better Than Wine – SoS Saturday

  1. stella carousel

    Oh, you've said it all so well yet again, brother Ben! There is NOTHING like the intimacy with the Lord--no drink, drug nor dessert! Very best wishes to you and your family as we welcome a New Year of God's blessings!


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