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The Maidens – SOS Saturday

Therefore the maidens love you. (Song of Songs 1:3 NASB)

Who are these maidens?

In the Song of Songs, they come up from time to time. They act much like the Chorus in a Greek play might, taking on many roles.

When they are referred to as the maidens or virgins, we will take them to be those who have not yet begun to passionately pursue Christ.

Can you make that a little plainer Ben?

Ok – how about this? These are fellow believers who look at your passion for the Lord and think you are just a bit unbalanced. When they observe your worship, sometimes they think, “I wish I loved God like that,” and sometimes they say to themselves, “Well, he doesn’t have to make a fool of himself, does he?”

You know these people. They do love God, and there is some level where they wish they had your passion and your zeal.

They are in a different place in their walk with the Lord today, but one day soon, they may find themselves calling out to the Saviour “Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth” along with you.

If, as you read this, you find yourself among the maidens, looking askance at our passion wasted Shulamite, know that you can have this passion too. Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift that was given him.

If you are a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit living inside you, and let me tell you this. The Holy Spirit is head over heals in love with Jesus, and if you allow yourself to be moved you will be too.

Go for it!

Thanks for stopping in this week. Come back next week when we look at the Shulamite’s 2 part life cry.


7 thoughts on “The Maidens – SOS Saturday

  1. Stella Carousel

    I'm definitely in the "possibly unbalanced" Totally in Love with Jesus crowd--which is why attending church online works for me; I don't have to "stifle myself" in worship! I'm equally "free" on my blog--if folks think I'm nuts, there are millions of other blogs they can read. I waited a long long time to have this JOY with JESUS--it's mine, and I'll gladly share it--but I won't "settle down", not for a New York minute!!

    God bless you Bro, and the family there in NJ!!


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