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Broken Power

He breaks the power of canceled sin,
He sets the prisoner free;
His blood can make the foulest clean,
His blood availed for me.

The great hymn writer Charles Wesley wrote these anointed words, first published in Hymns and Sacred Poems in 1740. This is one of 19 stanzas to the work we now call O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing.

These lines flooded my mind the other day during prayer. These words pack so much truth—revelation—about the power of Christ's finished work on the cross.

Often we look at the cross and consider it a solution to one problem. We think that the one and only thing that happened on the cross was the forgiveness of our sin.

Jesus forgave our sins—Hallelujah!

There is more—much more!

He broke its power.

What power?

Sin’s power to immobilize us—to paralyze us in a fog of spiritual apathy—broken.

Sin’s power to keep us from prayer—broken.

Sin’s power to keep us from fellowship—isolation—broken.

Sin’s power to keep us from ministry—broken.

Sin’s power of addiction—broken.

Sin’s power to cause shame—broken.

All the lies satan would have us believe about ourselves, how we’ve been ruined for God’s use, stand exposed before us as we embrace the cross of Christ. [TweetThis]

And yet, though there is no longer power in sin’s lies, many believe them, standing forgiven yet disempowered for life in the Kingdom of God.

The cross bought us the freedom from every chain with which sin bound us. We are raised with Christ in newness of life, to walk as He walked:

Unhindered by guilt

Unshackled from shame

Unmoved by satan’s lies

Unashamed to take up the banner of Christ’s love and carry it to the world that lies captive still to the broken power of sin.

Let’s rise up this day and shake off the broken chains that hold us back, and go forward into battle.

As I write these words, I picture a World War II liberation force marching into Nazi death camps and flinging open the gates, with the wonderful news—the war is over and you are free.


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7 thoughts on “Broken Power

  1. Lynn Hare

    Ben, I love this! The redemptive work of Christ on the cross indeed shattered every lie. I want to meditate more on the freedoms God released there. I'm dealing with unresolved health issues. The Word of God that says by His stripes I was already healed, apparently.

    1. Ben

      Thanks Lynn. We've been praying for some persistent issues of health, and I'm seeking wisdom on how to pray.

      I'm with you - by His stripes we are healed, and yet, we wait on Him for manifestation of His goodness in tangible ways.

      1. Stella Carousel

        I'm still pondering your post, Ben--as it seems the Church was stuck for decades in a posture and acceptance of powerlessness, and laying if off as "God's will". Today we're hearing, and sharing, a different message--of Truth--for which I'm most grateful. The same power which raised Christ from the dead resides in us--and is available to us 24/7. (Can't recall the scripture reference, but I know it's "in there", as I read it recently again 🙂 )


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