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East and West ~ Jonathan David Helser – Via

I'd like to introduce you to a new friend I've made through a Facebook writing group, and the blogging world. Lynn Hare blogs at Today she posted this song with its lyrics and I fell in love. It is such a clear declaration of what God has done for us. I think you'll love it, and I hope you'll follow Lynn's blog too.

East and West ~ Jonathan David Helser

Today I’m excited to share my #1 favorite song with you:
“East and West” by Jonathan Helser from the album Live at Home.

“There’s no mistake I can make that could ever make you change Your love.”

Enjoy this 4-minute video and soak in the vast floorless sea of God’s mercy.

East went lookin’ for West
And never found him
Guilt went lookin’ for my past
But only found love

I heard about a sea where
Sin sinks like stones...

Head over to Lynn's page for the rest of the lyrics. They are not to be missed.

Thanks for coming by.

See you again soon,



4 thoughts on “East and West ~ Jonathan David Helser – Via

  1. Lynn Hare

    Thank you, Ben. It's an honor to connect with you here - and to enter into floorless seas of mercy together. I'm praying for you & your blog followers today - to go deep in grace, especially self-forgiveness. Sometimes I think God doesn't so much pour His grace into us, as pour us into His vast seas of grace.

    1. Ben

      the honor is mine, and I love your word picture here. Now I'm picturing God taking us, drenched in His Grace, and pouring us out into the world.


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