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Pastors? – #SoSSaturdays

If you yourself do not know, Most beautiful among women, Go forth on the trail of the flock, And pasture your young goats By the tents of the shepherds. (Song of Songs 1:8 NASB)

Now our girl has suffered some abuse and some frustration at the hand of her mother’s sons, and her heart cries out for only one man, the lover of her soul.

But God’s intention is that we live out our love affair with Jesus with some guidance.

The shepherds.

These are people in our lives who are throwing kindling on the warm embers of our passion and fanning it into flame. They draw us forward toward the place where the Good Shepherd is tending His flock.

Especially in the US, we have this fierce independence, and easily fall for the lie that ‘we don’t need no stinkin’ pastor,’ or ‘Jesus is my Pastor.’

That is a bunch of hooey!

We need to live in community with those who are headed where we are headed.

David lamented ‘No man cared for my soul.’

Don’t let your passion for Christ alone drive you away from His body. It’s not a perfect system, and you won’t find a perfect Church or a perfect pastor, but get a shepherd in your life.

Maybe they won’t have the title ‘Pastor’ but God has people around you for a reason.

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