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But…How did the ground get holy?

Then He said, "Do not come near here; remove your sandalsfrom your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." - Exodus 3:5 NASB

Ground—it’s made of dirt—you know—soil. It’s composed of sand, silt, clay and humus—not the chickpea side dish—decayed organic material. Thanks, Brighthub.

So how does this mess of ingredients become holy?

Was this particular ground always holy, and as such, inviting to the Lord God, YHWY? Moses just stumbled upon this place where God loved to hang out.


This ground became holy by the presence of the Holy One. God didn’t come to this remote location because He had heard about a holy spot. God came to this remote location because Moses would be passing, and God wanted to talk to Moe.

Holy is what happens in the presence of God. When God shows up, it’s not just the atmosphere around Him that changes. Everything changes—even the ground gets holy.

Now, in the Church today, there are a lot of Christians who feel like dirt. They reckon themselves to be vile and filthy and not fit habitations for the Most Holy One.


Though we come from dust and are returning to it, when God shows up, He fashions of us a habitation suitable for His presence. He takes the ground and makes it holy.

So many say, I’m just a sinner saved by grace. But O the work that salvation works. The old sinner man/woman is buried in the ground, then God makes the ground holy, by His presence.

Up from the grave comes a holy child of God, transformed by the indwelling presence of the Spirit of the Living God.

Free from the bondage of sin.

Free from the deadly consequences.

Free from the domination of temptation.

Free to be a home for the Source of all holiness.

You are holy ground, so you better take your shoes off. You’re in the presence of YHWH. He lives in you.

Hallelujah—What great salvation.

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See you again soon,


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