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You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling,
As lovely as Jerusalem,

Song of Songs 6:4 NASB

The Shepherd King expresses once again His recognition of the beauty of His bride. This is, in fact, the 8th of 9 such declarations of her beauty in the Song.

Here He compares her to two cities, Tirzah and Jerusalem.

In Solomon’s day, the nation was one, and so Tirzah was a city far to the north of unified Israel. It lay in the mountains, and a beautiful setting, to the north of Sheckem and to the south of the Sea of Galilee.

The name Tirzah means pleasant or well-pleasing. It would serve as the capital of the northern kingdom for many decades, and was no doubt chosen for it’s beauty and it’s fortified location.

It was an ancient city even in Solomon’s time, and had been taken from the Philistines a few generations earlier.

It symbolizes the beauty of a converted life. There is a beauty in the way the Lord can take that which once belonged to the enemy and turn the ugliness of a worldling into the beauty of a holy child of the King.

This is the beauty carried by His bride. She was dark but lovely, and is now a lily among thorns.

Next He compares her to Jerusalem – Zion – the city of the great king – the city of God – beautiful, beautiful Zion.

Where Tirzah is the beauty of conversion, Jerusalem is the beauty of holiness. Jerusalem is the center of true worship. It is God chosen city. Jerusalem is God’s favorite place on earth!

And Jerusalem during the reign of Solomon would have been without equal in all the world.

Hear this – you who have given your lives over to the Lord – you are beautiful.

You are beautiful as one converted, one surrendered to Him.

You are a place of holy worship to Him.

You are a well pleasing dwelling place for the King of glory, the King most high.

What a wonderful King!

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