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Corinne (my sweet wife) and I went to see War Room last night with some brothers and sisters from our home church. This film surpassed my expectations in so many ways. Sometimes "christian" films leave me a bit underwhelmed, but not so with War Room.

Many "christian" films have as their target the unsaved population who might accidentally end up in the audience. They spend their hard-earned currency with not so believable sermonettes hoping someone with pray the prayer before they leave the theater.

Don't get me wrong. War Room gives space for clear declaration that Jesus wants to be Lord of your life, but the gospel is demonstrated rather than spoken in most cases.

The fact that this film was written more to Christians captivated me. The film uses compelling story telling to teach the principals of spiritual warfare to the world of faith. I'm sure many will find Jesus through this film. But I know this--it's largest impact will show up in closets of Christians all across the land. I am stirred up about prayer--I am motivated to renew my prayer life--this film preached to me! It teaches line upon line how to think about prayer--and how to do it. It exposes some of the schemes of the enemy. How satan sets us against each other, so as to leave him free to do his will. Brilliant!

When leaving a film from this genre, I often think "that was nice, but I wouldn't bring my unsaved friends to see it." Last night I left feeling that every Christian should see this film, and their unsaved friends would begin to see the gospel lived out--loved out--right in front of their eyes.

If you can manage it--get out and see this film.

In the words of Larry the Cucumber: I laughed; I cried; It moved me Bob.


See you again soon,


PS--The quotes around christian above come from my disdain for things to be called christian. There really is no such thing as christian music, or christian films, or even christian books. There are Christians. These are folks who have been rescued from this present evil age, who have changed their citizenship from earthly to heavenly. Just one of my pet peeves. Forgive me, please?

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