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cloudswithoutwaterJude uses the phrase “clouds without water” when speaking of those who come into the body of Christ unseen and disrupt the faith. (See Jude vs 12.)

Jude is one of those books you don’t hear much about these days. Most of Christendom has opted for the Christian radio model. You know, always positive, uplifting and family-friendly. This is not one of those books—well—it is if you get to the end. But it pushes hard on those trying to undermine the grace of God.

In any case, the phrase clouds without water got to me this week. I recently heard a speaker use the phrase as an illustration of a Christian who believes in the power of God to do miracles today but has no such signs following.

This stirred me up. 

Yes, I’ve seen many wonders at the hand of God.

I’ve prayed and seen the paralyzed walk, hearing restored, eyesight cleared, demons flee. But I’ve also seen days without number where I don’t even offer to pray for the sick. Weeks where I leave the demons comfortably ensconced in their quarry. Entire months where I don’t even ask the Father in Jesus name to intervene in the lives of those around me. Far too much of life where I don’t pray for rain.

Yesterday, I talked about a river of living water flowing from my innermost being into the world around me. Today—different metaphor—same prayer.

Lord, forgive me for floating through life without raining your love and mercy down on my surroundings. Father use me as a rain cloud of your mercy and grace today.

Ben NelsonThanks for stopping by.

Rain on!


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