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Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” (John 4:28-29 NIV)

Sounds to me like someone has been drinking living water.

She came to get enough water for herself and her man to make it through the afternoon. There is a chance she would have to come back again this evening, or at the very least the next day.

Jesus promised that He could give her living water that would satisfy the longings she tried over and over to fulfill in all the wrong places.

But with 3 little words, Jesus has turned her life around. When He looks into her eyes and says, I am He, she is changed. All her walls and defenses drop in an instant. Her hurts, her past, her shame, gone.

How do I know her shame is gone. She goes directly to the men of the city and starts talking about this Messiah who told her all things.

Just like when He called the disciples, and they ‘left their nets,’ she leaves her water pot to spread the good news.

I have found the Messiah!

Could this be the Christ?

Come and See a Man!

Have you heard those 3 words today?

When you come to Jesus, He does see your hurts, your past, your shame, but He does not stand there and require some huge demonstration of change before you are worthy. He simply offers you a drink, a drink of living water.

The removal of shame is instantaneous.

Can I say that again?

The removal of shame is instantaneous.

And once you are changed, healed, delivered, you are ready to start telling the story.

Are you stuck today?

Some of us are stuck in a shame loop, Christians, living lives marked by shame over their past when the Lord has washed us clean and given us living water to drink. [Tweet This]

I call you today to shake yourself, get up and start letting that living water flow through you. Your past is not just past, it's gone.

If your shame is dragging you back into that old you, quit it! Put down that old leaky water pot – leave it at the feet of Jesus and go tell somebody about the living water.

BenDo it today.

See you tomorrow


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