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I love this post from T E Hana at "Of Dust and Kings" 
3 Avenues To A Richer, More Vibrant Worship - T E Hanna | Of Dust & Kings

Part 3 Of The Breakthrough Series

My brother is an athlete.

I don’t use that term lightly, either. When he is not competing on a sports team, he is watching it. When he is not watching it, he is working on his fantasy league. When he is not working on his fantasy league, he is hitting the gym. The guy is nearly six feet tall and looks like he has been cut from granite. Needless to say, this is all a far cry from his bookworm brother, the writer/theologian currently sitting behind the keyboard punching these words out.

Our hobbies differ. As a result, so do our relationships. We still both experience deep, vibrant relationships with the people we care about,but we connect with them in different ways. I think it is much the same within the family of God.

We see this most clearly within worship. There are certain forms of worship that we gravitate towards most easily. These forms connect with our personalities and the way that we see the world. They provide the most ready avenues to both glorify our Lord and enter into His presence.

At the same time, remaining locked within one particular style can also cause our worship to stagnate. It is easy to slip into the routine and simply go through the motions when “the motions” become second nature to us. Sometimes, we need to be willing to break out of our comfort zone and connect with God from a fresh perspective.

So here are three styles of worship and the new approach they offer. Read the rest of the article here

3 Avenues To A Richer, More Vibrant Worship.

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