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My wife and I had a fight last week. It was a doozy!

The other man—he was in the fight too.

So why am I telling you about it?

You see, we fight together. The other man—I should say Man, He’s on our side too.

But we do have an enemy. That old liar, the devil, would love to see our marriage destroyed, so we have decided to be on the same side. My wife is my partner in this battle and we, together, follow our supreme Commander—the Captain of the Lord’s army, Jesus.

At the wedding of some close friends, the preacher said something very different.

When you show up at a wedding they ask you which side you want to sit on, bride or groom. When the marriage hits a rough spot, what happens? The bride goes back to her mom, her dad, her side and seeks allies. She goes looking for someone to take her side against that beast she married.

That’s the worlds plan—satan’s plan.

This preacher said to the brides side, “When this marriage gets rough, whose side will you take?” Then he asked the grooms side the same thing. “Whose side are you on when strife arises?” His or hers, hers or his?

Then he called us to promise to be on the side of the union, the side of the new creation, the “one flesh” that is this couple.

Men, when your buddy comes knocking on your door looking for a place to stay, and someone to complain to—pray with him and send him home.

Ladies, don’t give your BFF safe haven away from her hubby. (Please understand, I’m not talking about abuse here—we must be a safe haven in that situation—I’m talking about the growing pains that come with becoming one new creation) Pray with her—pray for him—and take her back home.

You see the biggest threat to satan’s schemes is a united couple with the Lord Jesus Christ at the head of the home in the center of this new creation.

The day I stopped seeing my wife as the enemy when we ran into each other, was the day I finally started winning.

Feel like screaming at her/him. Take a big deep breath and realize whose lies have you so aggravated. Remember, satan (he does not get the respect of a capital letter) is known as the accuser of the brethren. He spreads discord like I spread peanut butter.

So next time you have a fight with your spouse—remember—you’re on the same side!

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