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Have you heard the song out of Bethel Music called Spirit Move? Written by Kalley Heiligenthal, Amanda Cook, and Brian Johnson, its words caught my attention.

The chorus goes like this.

We are fixed on this one thing

To know Your goodness and see Your glory

We’re transformed by this one thing

To know Your presence and see Your beauty

I found my spirit in love with this song, but my mind resisting it.

Do you know what I mean?

My spirit told my mind, it’s OK, but my mind kept saying, but… but… but…

You see, my mind went to Romans 12:2, a verse that took hold of me about a decade ago, and has not yet let go.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. - Romans 12:2 NASB

God spoke to me directly about this verse. He taught me that if did not look like Jesus it was because my mind needed to be enlightened. And more than that, if I wanted to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus, I would need to stop believing some lies. He showed me that, to the extent that I was not like Jesus, I would have to change what I believed and thought. That was the path to true transformation.

So my mind tripped over the second couplet in this chorus.

We’re transformed by this one thing

To know Your presence and see Your beauty

It kept shouting - we’re not transformed by the presence, we’re transformed by the renewing of our minds.

You see, my mind wanted control of all transformational activity. Ben, it told me, if you are going to be transformed, you’ll have to study and learn, and feed ME! I want INFORMATION and I’ll get you looking just like Jesus.

For the record, that is not how the revelation came a decade back. It was not a food fest for my brain. It was a sweet revelation that I didn’t—couldn’t be walking with perfect theology, because I didn’t look much like Christ.

Tonight I was reminded of a revelation that God blessed me with nearly three decades ago. I still remember it, because I was in the back yard raking leaves. God started to speak to me about this very well know passage in 1 John.

Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him because we will see Him just as He is. - 1 John 3:2 NASB

The revelation that struck amidst the fall leaves was simple.

When we see Jesus, we become like Him.

There it is again. Transformation. But this time it’s not mind, it’s vision.

God spoke to my heart that day if you can see Me you’ll be transformed into my image.

Today, on my ride home from work, God spoke once again. These are not two separate means of growth. It the same thing.

Think again of Isaiah and his encounter in the throne room. (Isaiah 6) His mind was renewed as he saw the beauty and magnificence of the Lord. His vision of holiness completely renewed his mind. When He heard the voice of the Lord, his will was conformed to the Lord’s. When he pressed into the presence of the Father, he found himself acutely aware of his shortcomings and in complete agreement with His will.

He was transformed by this one thing - knowing His presence and seeing His beauty.

So my spirit was right, and my mind has relaxed, and now I can fully embrace this wonderful worship song.

With no further ado,

Spirit Move

Written by Kalley Heiligenthal, Amanda Cook, and Brian Johnson

Verse 1
I feel it in my bones You’re about to move
I feel it in the wind You’re about to ride in
You said that You would pour Your Spirit out
You said that You would fall on sons and daughters

So like the rain come drench us in love
Let Your glory rush in like a flood

We are fixed on this one thing
To know Your goodness and see Your glory
We’re transformed by this one thing
To know Your presence and see Your beauty

Verse 2
I can see it now Your kingdom come
I can hear it now the sounds of Heaven
You said that if we ask we’ll receive
We are asking for the greater measure

Pre-Chorus 2
So like the rain come drench us in love
Let Your power rush in like a flood

So come and blow on through
Spirit move, we’re ready for You
To come and blow on through
Come and do what only You can do

Thanks to Bethel Music for these lyrics.

Thank you for stopping in today.

Shine where you're screwed in,



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This morning at our Church Picnic, (PBC’s Septemberfest) we sang the Paul Baloche song Hosanna. There is a line that goes:

Worship at The Call Nashville 7-7-07

“In Your Presence all our fears are washed away”

This got me thinking about the scripture

Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; In Thy presence is fullness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever. (Psalm 16:11 NASB)

This is so true. In the presence of the Lord there is Joy, and what is there to fear. (Caveat – I imagine the fear of the Lord would be required to get anywhere close to His presence – that aside…)

  • What enemy could approach when we are in His presence?
  • What disease dare tread His courts?
  • How unlikely any looming job loss could stand before His throne?

We must – MUST – find a way to get into and stay in His presence. I know how to get in – do you?

God inhabits praise.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving.

Enter His courts with praise.

You may be saying – I have tried praise and worship, and I have never gotten into the presence of the Lord.

I live about 25 miles from New York City. I know just how to get there. I can take a train, bus, or car. I could even ride my bicycle.

I could take the GWB or the Lincoln Tunnel.

If I want to drive to the city, I would jump in my car, and start heading southeast. However, if I drove for 10 miles, and got out and walked around, I would not be in New York City, I would be in Teaneck, NJ. Nice town, but not NYC. I was on the right road, heading the right direction, but I stopped short of my destination.

So it is with praise. The further you are from the presence of God, the more “travel” may be required. Don’t quit until you have arrived! Don’t stop until the atmosphere changes.

Thanks for reading today.

Come back soon.


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