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I spent this last week at Global Awakening’s Voice of the Apostles conference in Lancaster PA. By our best reckoning, this was the 8th or 9th time Corinne (my wife) and I have attended the VOA conference. The level of teaching and ministry, and the sheer revelation, always blow us away during these 4 days.

The opening evening was with Bishop Joseph Garlington. If you’ve never heard him preach, you really must experience it. He speaks with the accompaniment of his keyboard player and dear friend Clarance. You never know when he might break into song, with his beautiful tenor voice.

I can remember back to when I was courting my wife in the 70’s her mom, my dear mother-in-law Barbara, used to tell stories of his preaching over forty years ago. Back then, my Father-in-law, Don Hayhurst ran a tape ministry which recorded the preaching from the Full Gospel Business Men’s ministry in Bergen County, New Jersey. Bishop Garlington was a regular preacher in that venue.

This week, his opening message was from the book of John. He spoke about the signs of John. I’ve studied these signs before and heard many sermon series teaching on them. But Bishop Garlington brought new light to them. I’ve decided I will take the next few weeks and press through them and share some of what he brought, and press into the life in these beautiful accounts of encounters with Jesus.

So keep your eyes open for new posts. If you’re not subscribed here, drop your email address in the box to the right (near the top of the page) and you’ll receive emails as these installments are published. As I post to this series I'll add links to below so you can grab it all here eventually.

Thanks for stopping by, and get ready for a great ride.

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