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Many Waters - SoS headerHome. She is at home in His garden.

O you who sit in the gardens,
My companions are listening for your voice--
Let me hear it!

Song of Songs 8:13 NASB

She is the Shulamite, and she’s a picture of the mature lover of Jesus here at the end of the Song of Songs.

She's been through a lot, this one who hosts the Lover of her Soul and His companions, in the garden of intimacy.

There was a time when she couldn’t bring herself to climb the mountains and leap in the hills with her Beloved, but now her life is marked by fruitful ministry. She’s partnering with Him in His mission of building His Church by spending her days making disciples.

She’s seen disappointments and abuse. She’s been through valleys and long days where the heavens seemed like brass.

But she never abandon the secret place—the garden she prepared for Him, and gave to Him.

And there He can find her, and He calls for her voice.

Her times of intimacy create a hedge protecting her from burnout, and depression. They give her life.

But what we sometimes don’t realize is the simple fact that the Lord loves these times too. He loves to hear her voice—the song of her heart—the poetry of her worship—He loves her garden of praise.

Home. Your voice makes this garden home for Him too.

The Lord beckons to us today, “Let me hear your voice.”

Will you answer His call today? Let Him hear your cry—your whisper—your song—your prayer. He loves your voice. It's home to Him. He inhabits your praise.

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